Episode 11 – Karen Brown Burson

Karen Brown Burson is one of those beautiful people who has her head deep in politics, but is somehow still filled with hope. We talk about her experiences protesting against the Yellow Vests in Hamilton, and her perspective on leadership in Hamilton, and how the larger political and money influences in the world are shaping hate locally.

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Episode 4 – Sean Dowling

PanoptiVox took over the Hamilton City Hall forecourt recently (we just chilled in the chairs and chatted. I was joined by Sean Dowling, a vocal objector to the yellow vests and fascists who have been gather there every Saturday. We spoke about the departure of the yellow vests, violence, arrests of anti-fascists but not fascists, and a whole lot more...all to the noisy din of traffic flowing by on one of Hamilton's superhighways through the core.

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Episode 3 – Kojo Damptey

This week we are joined by Kojo Damptey, a community leader, musician, hopeful soul, and interim Executive Director of the Hamilton Centre For Civic Inclusion. We chatted about how to stop hate in Hamilton, and how to let go of putting our hopes in leaders and institutions and grow together as people.

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Episode 2 – Cameron Kroetsch

This week on PanoptiVox, Cameron Kroetsch. Cameron is a member of the LGBTQ Advisory Committee in Hamilton, as well as the Pride Committee, and we had a in-depth conversation centring around the hate incidents that occurred at Pride this year and the responses. Of particular note is a conversation about the phone call and arrangements made with the Hamilton Police Service before Pride.

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